• Freestanding sturdy Stainless steel construction
  • Operator Touch Panel
  • Variable settings and status display
  • Variable pack sizes
  • Round and Square bottles
  • Inline integration
  • Safety Guards fitted
  • Standard In-Feed conveyors

Mexan manufactures Fully-Automatic and Semi-Automatic Bottle Baggers with options on being supplied with a single in-feed conveyor or a dual in-feed conveyor dependent on what output is needed.

Mexan's Auto Bottle Baggers are used to pack HDPE & PET bottles and have an advantage of being positioned in close proximity to, and in line with the blow-molders to minimize the amount of floor space used, boasting the smallest footprint available in the industry.

Mexan's Auto Baggers are designed to pack a wide range of containers (2 oz - 1 Gallon) square to rectangular to round bottles, all on the same machine with no change parts needed.

Optional Extras:

  • Extended in-feed conveyor
  • Static Eliminator for PET Bottles
  • Machine Leg extensions

Bottle Bagger

The hygienic and cost effective solution for bagging bottles direct from a blow moulder!