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Tugela series Crate Washers

Mexan manufactures a wide range of crate washing machines. Our tunnel washers range from your basic industrial washing machine to your multi process high speed Crate / Lug tunnel washers. All our crate washing machines are tailor made to suit our clients requirements. We pride ourselves in designing quality, cost effective and durable machinery, suitable for all industries such as dairies, breweries, meat processing plants and food distribution facilities etc.

Tunnel Washers specifications:

  • All Stainless Steel Construction for long life.
  • Low power and water consumption.
  • Easy access through pick-off doors for cleaning & maintenance.
  • Effective integrated filtration systems.
  • Heating Methods: Live Steam, Steam Coils, Electrical Elements or Gas/Oil Burners.
  • Optional:
    • Automatic Detergent dispenser with conductivity testing.
    • Soaker Unit
    • Label Remover & Rotary Filtration System
    • Specialized Loading & off-loading systems

Tugela Series Crate Tunnel Washer

Available in a standard range, suitable for the washing of various components. Also built as customized units to cater for the specific needs of various entities and industries. Options available for either manual or automatic out-feed from washer, dependant on clients down-stream equipment.

Tugela Tunnel Washer Characteristics:

  • Complete construction from stainless steel for durability & extended lifespan.
  • Resistant to detergents and chemicals
  • Water management and control system in place for economical use
  • Inspection doors are quick and easy to remove for maintenance operations
  • Dual filtration slides, easily accessible from outside the machine, enable cleaning while the machine is in operation
  • Effective dual filtration fitted for filter cleaning during operation
  • Various tank heating options available : Electrical elements, gas or oil fired burners, live steam supplied from clients boiler, heating coils

Additional features for our Crate Washers:

  • Automated detergent dosing system, time based or conductivity
  • Pre-soaking section for heavily soiled components
  • Self-adhesive label extraction section
  • Purpose made loading and discharge units fitted to machines

Common Applications for Tunnel Crate Washers:

  • Washing of lugs, baskets, crates, trays, bins, drums, moulds, etc. generally used in the food and beverage industries.
  • Plates and utensils in the hotel and catering industries
  • Pressings and associated parts in the automotive and related industries.

This range of standard and custom built crate washing machines are available to suit your individual requirements.



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