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Mat Top & Belt Conveyors


Mat Top Conveyors

Mexan Automation designs and manufactures Mat Top Conveyor systems for the Food, Beverage, Chemical and Plastics Industry. Mat Top conveyors are generally custom designed around the specific application and needs of the customer. Some uses of these conveyors are to convey groups of bottles in the plastic industry or to convey trays of packed meat for the meat industry. Mexan constructs these conveyors out of Stainless Steel to provide a clean design to eliminate bacteria traps and ensure easy cleaning. Our conveyors are also controlled by a variable speed drive.

  • Sturdy Stainless Steel Construction
  • Various Modular width conveyors available to suit individual needs in the industry.
  • Various types available, e.g. Heat resistant belt, food-grade belt etc.
  • Mat-top conveyors integrated into production lines to offer turnkey solutions.
  wide mat top conveyor
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Belt Conveyors

Mexan Automation designs and manufactures Belt Conveyors  to handle dry products like grain, seeds etc. that are packed in bags or sacks. This type of conveyor system is also used to convey product that would ordinarily get between a chain type conveyor. Belt conveyors are custom designed in length and width around your needs. The Belt is designed to slide on a Stainless Steel bed construction.

  • Sturdy Stainless Steel Construction.
  • Food-grade PVC Belting available.
  • Bearings easily accessible.
  • Single speed with stop/start or variable speed using an inverter drive.
  belt conveyors

Flighted Conveyors

Mexan Automation designs and manufactures Flighted Conveyors for conveying product like meat, plastic caps, bottles etc. that need to be elevated to a specific hight. Flighted conveyors are custom designed to meet your requirements. These conveyors are manufactured from Stainless Steel, and vary in elevation hight, angle and chain flight heights. These Flighted conveyors are often automated to stop / start or speed up / slow down, when integrated with other machines.

  • Used in the dry and wet Industries.
  • Using PVC Flighted belts or Modular Flighted Belts.
  • Glasfilled Modular Flighted belts used in the Blowmoulding Industry to withstand high temperatures.
  • All Stainless Steel Construction.
  • Also used for Metal Detection Systems.




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