Bottle Capping Machines

Rotary capping machines and Cap sorters

Mexan offers semi Automatic and Fully Automatic Rotary capping machines and Cap sorters, for the food, beverage and chemical industry. Mexan can customize your packaging line with in-line and rotary capping solutions that meet your requirements, by providing you cap torque repeatability every time. Mexan bottle capping equipment can handle bottles ranging from 2 oz to as large as 5 Gallon containers, with screw or snap caps. Our Rotary Cappers can be designed for bottles to pick up caps on the fly or have the Capper pick and place the cap on the bottles.

Typical speeds of a Semi Automatic Bottle Capping machine is 1000 bottles/hr, while a Rotary Capper can cap 4800 bottles/hr.




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Rotary bottle capping machine

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