Cabinet / Rotary Washers

Cabinet / Rotary Washers

The rotary washer has a common loading and Off-loading position, utilizing one operator. This machine has four different cleaning sections, that can be personalized to the customer's requirements. Articles being washed would move through each process section at an average indexing cycle time of 6-8 seconds.

Process Sections include:

  • Pre-Rise / Soak.
  • Heated detergent wash.
  • Rinse Section.
  • Fresh water Rinse.

Specifications of our Rotary Washer include:

  • Stainless Steel Construction machine.
  • Variable speed adjustment through AC inverter drive.
  • Pressure Jetting.
  • Internal container pressure Jetting.

Machine uses:

These machine uses include:

  • Chocolate Moulds and Trays.
  • Meat Panes and Racks.
  • Large Plastic Containers.
  • Baskets Pales.


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Rotary Washer

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