Automatic Bottle Bagging

The hygienic and cost effective solution for bagging bottles direct from a blow moulder!

Mexan's Auto Bottle Baggers are used to pack HDPE & PET bottles. Mexan manufactures a Standard Auto Bottle Bagger for pack sizes (610 mm x 1016 mm or 24" x 40"), and a wide Auto Bagger for pack sizes ( 1016 mm x 1219 mm or 40" x 48"). These machines boast the smallest footprint available in the industry.  Mexan's Auto Baggers have the advantage of being able to position these machines in close proximity to, and in line with the blow-molders using minimal floor space. A Standard Auto Bagger has a single in-feed conveyor that can pack (500 ml) 75 bottles / min. while a dual conveyor in-feed machine can pack (500 ml)100 bottles / min. Mexan's Auto Baggers use pre-made gusseted plastic bags, which are manually placed on the bagger by the operator. The same operator would remove full packs of bottles from the machine and place these packs onto a pallet / skid. Mexan's Auto Baggers are designed to pack a wide range of containers (2 oz - 1 Gallon) square to rectangular to round bottles, all on the same machine with no change parts needed.

Every Auto Bagger is fitted with a HMI interface (touch screen) for managing all operation of the machine. The operator can store bottle settings and its parameters on the machine for future use.  Our sales records show the popularity of these machines.

Bottle Bagger specifications:

  • Freestanding sturdy Stainless steel construction
  • Operator Touch Panel
  • Variable settings and status display
  • Variable pack sizes
  • Round and Square bottles
  • Inline integration
  • Safety Guards fitted
  • Optional in-feed conveyors
  • Optional Extras:
    • Curtain Sensor for extra safety
    • Extended in-feed conveyor
    • Ozone injection for extra hygiene
    • Static Eliminator for PET Bottles


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